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Route optimisation: Use synergies of TMS and route planning software

Transport management systems are an integral part of modern logistics. You manage and distribute orders to vehicles and calculate costs. But when it comes to efficient planning of complex tours, they stumble. But how can routes with dozens of stops be put together efficiently for all vehicles of a logistics company? Answer: By adding a specialized route planning software

All-rounder TMS?

Route planning with TMS means route optimization - an error that many companies believe and use their transport management system to create the supposedly best route. Not knowing what optimization potential they are missing out on. A mistake that costs time and money. Transport management systems are indispensable for the effective and flexible administration and distribution of orders to the individual vehicles, but rarely go beyond the disposition and other organizational functions. There is therefore some catching up to do in the area of ​​route planning.

Dispatchers are not route planners

The extent to which route planning software outperforms the functions of TMS (such as vehicle location or route monitoring) can already be seen with its main users: route planning software is used less by dispatchers than by the actual route planners. The software for route planning must therefore do more than simply optimize the sequence of stops. With an increasing number of locations to be approached, delivery time windows and spatial restrictions, route planning software can generate great added value for companies and customers.

Tours in regional traffic optimally planned

In regional transport in particular, there is great potential for optimization in the haulage companies: Many stops with small quantities, a small kilometer radius and short-term changes make collection and delivery confusing and complex - after all, it is rarely about just a single vehicle, but rather about dozens within a logistics company . In forwarding companies, regional transport accounts for around 30 percent of the total transport costs. Users can therefore save costs with route planning systems thanks to the flexible calculations. Thanks to the software's intelligent algorithms, factors such as location specifications, vehicle capacities and order time windows are automatically incorporated into the optimization process. In addition to the allocation of vehicles for certain orders, an intelligent and optimized sequence is also planned.

With the more precise route, more stops can be approached per tour - and thus save fuel. An economic and sustainable advantage. The tour optimization also makes travel times more calculable. In addition, short-term planning changes or spontaneously changed customer requirements can be implemented automatically. Tour planning software therefore not only saves time on the routes themselves, but also in previous planning processes.

Tours in regional traffic optimally planned

Auch wenn die Vorteile einer Spezialsoftware im Bereich Tourenplanung gegenüber einem Transportmanagementsystem überwiegen, sind diese nicht in Konkurrenz zueinander zu sehen. Im Gegenteil: Die beiden Software-Lösungen ergänzen sich gegenseitig. Das TMS bewältigt administrative Aufgaben, verteilt Aufträge auf verfügbare Fahrzeuge. Der Disponent behält einen Überblick über die Auftragssituation. Die Tourenplanungssoftware optimiert dann die Routen der Fahrzeuge und stellt sicher, dass alles pünktlich und effizient ausgeliefert werden kann.
Route planning software and TMS cannot replace each other. A combination of the two solutions provides the ideal workflow. The only thing that often prevents hauliers from optimizing the result is a lack of awareness of the potential of this combination. With the cost savings in fuel and time, a high return on investment can be achieved quickly. From the planning to the control of tours, tour planning software such as TransIT from gts can help to create tours in a cost-effective, time-efficient and intelligent manner.
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Route optimisation: Use synergies of TMS and route planning software - gts systems

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