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Core Competencies

Core Competencies.

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Network Optimisation

Be it the planning of sites for specific functions (e.g. depot locations, hub sites), the allocation of transport routes to transport relations or the creation of general cross-docking and transport plans - we support you in the tactical and strategic planning of networks. In the process, we ask many questions about the structural characteristics of the customer and product portfolio, which help us to analyse and create adequate mathematical simulation and optimisation models. Our focus here is on abstraction and simulation through appropriate software tools to depict alternative scenarios. Your Benefit: Decisions having long-lasting economic consequences are based on solid and verifiable numbers.

Operations Research Consulting

Operations Research is the application of quantitative methods, mathematical optimisation models and algorithms to economic matters. Our services include rendering of the results of analyses into mathematical models, the formulation of robust or stochastic models, the conversion of models into efficient algorithms or the formulation and adaptation of simulation models.


Simulation is a tool for backing up important business decisions. Using simulation, we can make documented and objective statements on the efficiency of alternative distribution concepts and plans. As an outcome of these calculations you get KPIs such as process cost, inventory levels, production levels and transport volumes.

Examples of successfully implemented simulation projects are:

  • Evaluation of different intermodal road-air networks

  • Influence of various routings on the next day delivery ratio within a logistics network

  • Assessment of sites for selective storage of article groups

  • Influence of transportation aids on the KPIs of a logistics network

However, compared to the approach of optimisation, simulation offers only the possibility of evaluating already prescribed or conceived solutions, whereas optimisation explicitly calculates solutions. But even within a simulation it may be necessary and useful to carry out optimisation calculations. For instance, if you want to determine a production plan for a specific demand

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Dr. Tore Grünert

Dr. Tore Grünert

Managing Director


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