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Route Planning and Optimisation for Bakeries.

Customers are becoming more demanding, the competition is getting tougher, fuel prices and wages are rising, etc. With our optimised route planning, you can act decisively on these points: With TransIT you drive shorter routes, respond faster, plan in a more coordinated way.

Quality of Delivery and Planning.

Using the distance calculation in TransIT, the speeds prescribed in real-world road networks and information are pre-calculated.

The optimisation methods contained in TransIT helps you calculate the addresses for the optimal routes. Thus, you can also adhere to your special requirements and constraints.


Your Benefits.

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    Efficient use of vehicles due to shorter travel times

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    Saving routes and vehicles

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    Less effort in route planning due to automatic linking of addresses and routes

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    Cost reductions due to reduction in travel time and distances

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    Higher quality of delivery through calculation of arrivals

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    Profitable branches due to optimum coordination

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    Satisfied customers due to timely delivery

Efficient Vehicle Routing

Focus on your Core Competency.

Optimal Software for optimised Tours

With our planning and optimisation software, you can organise your branch logistics far more efficiently. Be it vehicles, travel times, distances, dates or staff – with TransIT, you have a better overview and can accordingly react more cost effectively. Taking your special logistical requirements into consideration, you can create optimal route plans with TransIT.

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Our Expertise. Your Benefit.

Every Minute Counts.

Every minute counts, not just in the case of bread, but also for every delivery. Whether it is 30 branches in the city or a wide-spread network of branches in the region – we know the requirements of your industry and we show you the potential for optimisation using your own data. OptimisationCheck


Numerous bakeries profit from the route planning and optimisation of our industry-specific solutions.

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