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Vehicle Routing for Mobile Service Staff.

More flexibility is never enough: Every day you need to react spontaneously to enquiries about service, repair, or expert opinions, and coordinate your service staff. Through optimised route planning you can save not only time and resources but also increase the satisfaction of your customers.

Dynamic Vehicle Route Planning in Real Time

Respond spontaneously. Respond efficiently.

In TransIT, vehicle routes can be re-planned, even when they are already en route or if a part of the orders have already been executed. Thus, you can respond flexibly to urgent orders, requests and disruptions – which increases customer satisfaction and your sales.


Your Benefits.

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    Easy handling of complex processes

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    Flexible re-planning of routes

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    Transparency in status of orders

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    Overview of the position of staff

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    High degree of customer satisfaction due to quick response times

Route Optimisation and Telematics

Direct Access to the Vehicle.

Maximum Transparency. Maximum Control.

Your staff is deployed and you want to re-plan a route, send a message or enquire the status of an order. By linking route optimisation and telematics, as a route planner or dispatcher, you can get the position of your field service staff and installers at a glance and can exchange status messages and news via TransIT.

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Our Expertise. Your Benefit.

Respond in Real Time to Customer Wishes.

Sophisticated software is too expensive or too difficult to operate? We have been satisfying our customers with our software for years! We advise you on dynamic vehicle routing of your service staff (installers, service technicians, field service staff, experts, etc.) and develop a customised concept for your company. Or you can try out our OptimisationCheck right away.


When planning the service staff numerous companies profit from the route planning and optimisation of our industry-specific solutions.



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