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Route Planning and Optimisation for charitable Institutions.

In non-profit, social and charitable institutions, TransIT is used for passenger transport. Particularly for tactical planning (e.g. optimisation of school trips) or daily dispatch (e.g. shift within school hours, illnesses of students), intelligent route planning is indispensable if one wants to plan cost-effectively and at the same time comply with the specific regulations of passenger transport.
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Temporal and spatial Restrictions

Advance Planning means saving Time & Money...

Transport companies and driving services for social institutions, sheltered workstations, schools etc. are exposed to temporal and spatial restrictions in route planning. If these are taken into consideration in advance, routes can be planned without hindrance. That is why we have developed our route planning system TransIT optimisation algorithms, which creates optimal route plans for you. It goes without saying that the system supports flexible re-planning of new staff, vacation, sick leaves, etc.

With our route planning software, regular drives (e.g. school trips) and ad hoc orders (e.g. ambulance services) can be combined without a problem.


Your Benefits.

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    Special planning tool for passenger transport to workstations in sheltered workstations, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, schools, integrative institutions

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    Targeted deployment of drivers and vehicles

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    Time savings in comparison to manual vehicle routing

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    Tactical vehicle routing

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    Combination of regular drives, daily dispatch, and ad hoc orders

Social Institutions

Special Needs in Mind.

Consideration of Specifics – from Driving Time to Reclining Position.

In the case of sick or disabled people, planning must occur with special consideration for the specific needs of the passengers. This includes specifying the maximum driving time, how long a passenger should be on the road in a vehicle, as well as disabled-friendly and barrier free equipment of the vehicle or transport of wheel chairs. TransIT calculates all this according to your specifications and saves you time compared to manual planning; it helps you optimise route plans and to coordinate staff and vehicles in a much better way.

TransIT not only manages dates, people, vehicles and distances, it can also calculate specifications (transport in reclining position, ambulance services, wheelchairs, reclining chairs, inclusion of attendants, reduction of the duration of transport, etc.).


Our Expertise. Your Benefit.

Customised Logistics for Passenger Transport.

Increase your competence in passenger transport through vehicle routing, which serves all: the persons being transported, the social institutions and you. Try out our OptimisationCheck or arrange a consulting appointment with us right away.


In passenger transport numerous companies profit from the route planning and optimisation of our industry-specific solutions.


Success Story.

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