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Vehicle Routing for Recycling and Waste Management.

Whether it is daily waste disposal, container routing, district planning or creation of multi-day routes – we know the complexity of your route planning and offer you the appropriate software applications, with which you can plan more efficiently. Our planning software TransIT contains modules for tactical and operation vehicle routing, such as automatic location selection, consideration of regular and non-regular orders and statistical analysis. You can plan route lengths and stops transparently and easily, combine transport orders with multi-day routes and issue orders directly from TransIT. Through the telematic system coupled with the software, you can send daily plans and orders directly to the vehicles that are en route.

Bulk Waste Collection

Short Travel Times. Coordinated Routes.

With TransIT you can process the current requests for bulk waste collection automatically into your daily vehicle routing. For changing orders, you can simply activate the relevant modules, so that you can optimise daily, taking into consideration your parameters, such as quantities, intermediate dumping or U-turn prohibitions. Also for district allocation, depending on the day of the week, TransIT is the perfect tool to set up compact routes. And even U-turns can be minimised through our route optimisation. The outcome: Daily up to 45 minutes less driving time per route!


Your Benefits.

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    Re-create and compare routing schedules automatically

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    Simulate costs in advance and create offers more easily and more realistically

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    Optimise distances, resources and vehicles and save costs

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    TransIT has interfaces to industry-specific ERP systems

Container Routing

Plan transparently. Combine intelligently.

Specific Module of TransIT

We make complex processes simple. With the TransIT module Container Routing, you can optimally plant the most diverse types of orders (positioning of empty containers, the pick-up of full containers and their subsequent disposal). To save time and costs, factors such as landfill sites, reuse of empty containers and use of stackable containers are intelligently coordinated. Through transparent and error free container routing, you can plan transparently and error-free. Even special constraints are taken into account, where required.

garbage collection

Our Expertise. Your Benefit.

A clean Solution.

We also plan what actually cannot be planned. By optimising routes and schedules, we optimise your trips and your bottom line. Use our OptimisationCheck or arrange a consulting appointment with us right away.


Numerous waste management and recycling companies profit from the route planning and optimisation of our industry-specific solutions.


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