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Supply Chain Optimisation

Supply Chain Optimisation.

For a sustainably resilient supply chain optimisation, a holistic and far-sighted analysis is crucial, which takes into account not only the aspects of the own company, but also external and future factors (such as cross docking, vendor managed inventory, mass customisation and postponement, reverse supply chain).

That is why we attach particular importance to the perspective, foresighted consideration of the processes. Our analytical consulting, based on optimization with company-specific optimization models and simulation, are our instruments. These support you as a supply chain manager in planning your processes and capacities more realistically and achieving a high degree of automation. In addition, the optimization provides you with a basis for deciding on the degree of digitization of systems and the outsourcing of services.

Higher Efficiency

  • Cost savings through better coordination of the entire supply chain
  • More realistic planning based on optimization and simulation
  • Higher service level through higher availability, delivery, accessibility and flexibility
  • Increased productivity through better utilization
  • Transparency in all supply chain stages
  • Optimization of Procurement Processes

Less Effort

  • Real-time management (responding to cancellations, short-term orders, etc.)
  • Reduction of complexity and imponderables
  • streamlining of processes and structures
  • Improving data flows, integrating relevant information and access to all planning information
  • Reduction of manual effort
  • Better response to the unforeseen due to previous scenario generation of consequences and impacts

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