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About gts

Make Optimisation work.

For us, logistics does not mean simply planning and controlling the flows of people and goods. Our mission is to optimise your logistics processes through intelligent and future-proof systems in such a way that your business remains miles ahead of the competition. To achieve this, we analyse structures and resources, model future scenarios, plan with a perspective, and have our eyes on the big picture. Here, you need a far-sighted partner, who specialises in consulting and software for optimisation, planning and management tasks in logistics and transport.

With gts you can:

  • optimise your processes

  • plan, coordinate and dispatch more efficiently

  • reduce costs

  • save time

  • create transparency

  • make targeted use of resources

  • respond faster and more flexibly

  • be eco-friendlier

  • increase customer satisfaction

Stay ahead of the Competition.

It is not just our solutions that are miles ahead. Through optimisation of routes, transport and logistics, you too are positioned as a front runner in the competition and ensure satisfaction of your customers.

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Our History.


Under the ELITE endowment, an initiative of the RWTH Aachen University (Prof. Sebastian) and Deutsche Post (German Post), a planning system was developed for the pick-up and linehaul of the mail transport within Germany, which exists even today.


Through the collaboration of Prof. Sebastian, Dr. Tore Grünert and Michael Thärigen at the RWTH Aachen University, the company gts systems and consulting gmbh was founded in 1999.


Through our focus on Oracle databases for the planning systems developed by us and the related know-how, we became an Oracle partner from very early on.


The comprehensive know-how that we had gathered while developing customer-specific planning software and in our consulting projects in logistics was the perfect foundation for our very first, in-house development: the route planning software TransIT.


The prefab house manufacturer, SchwörerHaus KG, was the first customer to deploy TransIT to dispatch its service staff using the software.


The first TransIT customer outside Germany was the Austrian company, Kaindl, which plans Europe-wide distribution of wood products using our software.


A 20-member team is deployed to support over 100 customers in more than 10 countries.


Driving Logistics Technology.

Faster, cheaper, more global, digital, eco-friendlier, more intelligent, networked... In a dynamic economy, the requirements for logistics planner, vehicle fleet managers and dispatchers are changing rapidly. We are in a position to develop products for businesses of any industry, any size and any requirements, because we deal intensively with the challenges of the markets and offer relevant software and services.


Trust the Pioneers.

Our expertise is based on a high degree of specialisation and nearly 20 years of experience. This way we produce technologically-leading, future-proof and uncomplicated optimizations. At our location in Aachen, we take advantage of our proximity to our "intellectual homeland", the RWTH Aachen University, from where we get our stimuli and recruit highly qualified young talent. Besides, worldwide over 100 customers in more than 10 countries have put their trust in this. The 20-member team, under the leadership of the Managing Partners Dr Tore Grünert and Michael Thärigen, works as a far-sighted, reliable and cooperative partner.

If you wish to be ahead in technology and the market along with us, we look forward to taking on your challenges.

Michael Thärigen

Michael Thärigen

Managing Partner

Dr. Tore Grünert

Dr. Tore Grünert

Managing Partner

From Consulting to Solution

Delivering precise Services.

Analysis, IT & Modelling = Custom Software

We start with you and listen to you. After thorough analysis and personal consultation, our experts model, produce and implement a customised concept for your special requirements. Our solutions are based on the combination of modern IT and quantitative mathematical methods. This approach enables us to model complex interrelationships, forecast optimisation potentials and develop the appropriate software. Customised however also means that we offer you proven standard software, depending on the need.

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