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Route Planning Software

Be ahead with intelligent Route Planning.

Route planning and optimisation is a highly complex field that is made easy for your company with the right software provided by an experienced specialist.

Factors such as flexibility, service orientation, growing traffic flow, digitisation, rising costs for personnel, fuel and toll influence route planning. Those who rely on the right support here can not only optimise their routes, but also their business – for more turnover and more competitiveness. TransIT is the ideal planning and optimisation software for logistics planners, fleet managers, dispatchers and anyone who manages the deployment of mobile employees or a vehicle fleet.

What makes TransIT interesting for you?

TransIT is simple. The software automatically creates route plans and can also take into account even the most complex requirements (e.g. heterogeneous vehicle fleet, multiple capacity dimensions, opening hours etc.).

TransIT is efficient. Because we offer applications that you can select modularly for your requirements and adapt at any time.

TransIT is future-proof. Because we contribute the know-how we have gained from our practical experience to the continuous further development of our software.

The result? Operating costs can generally be reduced by 10 to 15 percent with TransIT. See for yourself in our OptimisationCheck.

Functional Overview –
To the Point.

Whether scenario management or multilanguage versions – TransIT is characterized by numerous functions that you can select specifically for your project.

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Planning and Optimisation

From Practice for Practice.

We are constantly developing our software and adapting it to your requirements. For this reason there are corresponding modules or functions for every requirement – from territory planning to analysis using the Gantt chart.

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Our Offer

Non-binding Optimisation­Check.

We show you in one single step what lies hidden in your data and where the potentials for optimisation lie, and then together with you we re-structure your logistics processes.

Optimize now.

Customized Choice.

Driving time rules, multiple time windows, various vehicle types, shift duration … we know which factors are relevant for you and provide efficient solutions with the specific TransIT features.

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