Trade Fair Logistics

The new consulting concept for your digital trade fair.

Transforming the trade fair digitally

A spirit of optimism instead of crisis mode

Now is the time to tackle the tasks that are due and to prepare your own trade fair for a sustainable and sales-efficient restart.

Eine Messe von Innen

INTERSPORT shows trade fair of the future

Junger Geschäftsmann in einem Büro


Logistics, scheduling, IT and back office

Your trade fair in the analysis.

We accompany you on the path of digital transformation. The optimisation potential of your trade fair organisation is huge. You have the chance to present a new digital future concept that makes your trade fair location even more attractive for exhibitors and visitors.

Unser technologieunabhängiges Beratungskonzept nennen wir TransITfair-Family. Es besteht aus verschiedenen Bausteinen, aus denen Sie je nach Anforderung wählen können.

Messegelände aus der Vogelperspektive


Consulting and process analysis for your trade fair.

Stau auf der Autobahn


Optimise trade fair transport and avoid traffic jams.

Personen innerhalb einer Messe


Intelligent scheduling system for exhibitors and visitors.

Eine Person mit einer Fernbedienung in der Hand


Digital trade fair calendar management for your organisation.

New opportunities for your trade fair

Generate additional sales with extra-pay models.

Logistics planners, customers and partners benefit from intelligent planning and control of transport to the fair as well as set-up and dismantling. The planning of existing logistics areas holds potential for extra-pay models, e.g. bookable VIP packages.

Our Expertise. Your Benefit.

Uncover hidden optimisation potential now.


We act as consultants for renowned trade fair companies and have already implemented an appointment booking system for the order fairs of the INTERSPORT group with more than 350,000 appointments over 15 years ago. Arrange a consultation appointment right away.

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