TransIT Web & Mobile.

Efficient and simple communication is indispensable, especially in operational route planning. Important information, such as order changes or ad-hoc orders, are often transmitted to the responsible persons via complicated communication channels. Most of the time, communication between dispatchers and service providers such as freight forwarders takes place by telephone or fax ? and is time-consuming, cumbersome and not very flexible.

Are you looking for a simple way to keep track of your route planning and to design the processes digitally? With TransIT Web & Mobile, you have the most important things at a glance with just a few clicks. The add-on module offers you web-based access to the TransIT tour planning system, which is simple and clearly designed. From the customer to the driver, Web & Mobile provides an overview of relevant data and all processes that are important for a user.

Quick and easy access.

While TransIT serves as a cockpit for the tour planner with very extensive functions, TransIT Web & Mobile offers quick and easy access to the system. It is particularly suitable for telephone operators, service centre staff, but also service providers or branches who are interested in the information on tours. TransIT Web & Mobile pays off especially in operational route planning, where routes have to be planned and kept in view on a daily basis, such as in passenger transport, wholesale or the health industry.

Everything important in view.

In TransIT, you can individually set which information can be viewed and controlled via Web & Mobile. For example, call-off customers can be viewed and changed with one click. Ad-hoc orders can be created quickly and easily and the arrival monitor shows you the estimated time of arrival ("ETA") of the delivery. The information and changes from Web & Mobile are automatically sent to the responsible driver or service provider via the TransIT Mobile App an den zuständigen Fahrer oder Dienstleister.

"TransIT Web & Mobile offers a simple and clear way to keep track of your route planning. With just a few clicks you have all the important information at a glance and can improve your performance."

Dr Tore Grünert, Managing Director



Reporting & Diagnostics Cockpit.

The Reporting & Diagnosis Cockpit provides a clear overview of the most important key figures and insights of the tours. This allows users to quickly and easily intervene to adjust and optimise the tour plan. Clear facts and figures provide insights into whether the tour plan is efficient and whether, for example, orders can be added or postponed.

Examples of cockpit data:

  • Tours and order overview:
    • Costs, route and duration
    • Workloads
    • Orders per tour
    • Arrival analysis
  • Working hours overview:
    • Standing times
    • Driving times
    • Waiting times
    • Breaks


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