Trade fair logistics: avoid traffic jams, enable fluid loading processes

NürnbergMesse uses new TransITfair planning software from gts

Whether strategic planning in the run-up to an event, booking timeslots for set-up and dismantling or optimisation analysis. NürnbergMesse implements all this with a new web-based software: TransITfair by gts systems and consulting from Aachen. Thanks to learning algorithms and individual process optimisation, traffic jams on access roads and delays on the exhibition grounds are a thing of the past. CO2 and cost savings are added positively.

With around 120 national and international trade fairs, NürnbergMesse is one of the 15 largest exhibition companies in the world.  Its exhibition grounds comprise 16 halls with an exhibition area of around 180,000 m². From a logistical point of view, the smooth set-up and dismantling can only be handled by a well thought-out management. "The spatial and temporal capacities for deliveries as well as set-up and dismantling are getting smaller and smaller. Therefore, we needed planning and software support," explains Dominik Fischer, Project Manager at NürnbergMesse. "With the consulting and software experts from gts, we were able to address all the logistics requirements. The web-based solution TransITfair helps us to implement important operational and strategic optimisations. We are using our existing capacities much more effectively."

With TransITfair, NürnbergMesse avoids bottlenecks within the exhibition grounds and backups on the main access roads.

Avoid bottlenecks through pre-planning booking system

The advantages of TransITfair were already evident in the pilot project, the "BIOGAS Convention & Trade Fair" in November 2021. The software is based on a booking system in which trade fair profiles are stored. These profiles contain a forecast of the number of expected transports per vehicle type as well as the scheduled times for set-up and dismantling. NürnbergMesse then creates ideal-typical parking space patterns once in the software. Exhibitors and hauliers then reserve fixed time slots and exhibition stands for delivery - and TransITfair automatically and dynamically allocates the parking space patterns in the booking and call-off phase. In this way, NürnbergMesse avoids bottlenecks within the exhibition grounds and backups on the main access roads.

The supplier is first directed to a collection point outside the exhibition grounds. He then receives clearance to drive to the fairgrounds using the two main entrance gates - and this is done in real time, taking into account any disruptions such as blockages of parking spaces. TransITfair stores the data of every logistical process. This allows insights into possible optimisations to be gained and used for future events.

The smooth set-up and dismantling can only be achieved logistically through well thought-out management.

Outlook: Extra-pay models and expansion in several languages

The web application is currently already available in several languages at NürnbergMesse. The expansion to seven to ten languages is planned in order to enable convenient processing for drivers from Eastern Europe, among others. For the future, gts and NürnbergMesse are also planning to establish so-called extra-pay models. These are options that can be booked as desired. Additional areas, longer set-up times and VIP parking areas managed by the organiser or own trade fair events within the logistics area are conceivable. Dominik Fischer is pleased with the new service offer from NürnbergMesse: "With our logistical value-added services based on TransITfair, we provide our exhibitors with comprehensive support in planning and implementing their optimum exhibition presence." Now that trade fair activity is clearly picking up again, TransITfair is also to be used for EUROGUSS 2022, which will take place in June.

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NürnbergMesse uses new TransITfair planning software from gts - gts systems
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