Route planning for liquid gas companies

Relieve employees and guarantee safety: Route planning for Tyczka Energy

Tyczka Energy is a leading liquefied natural gas company in Germany. The company specialises in energy supply for private and business customers. To this end, Tyczka Energy employs 350 dedicated employees as well as 14 warehouses and filling plants. Since 2021, the company has been working with the TransIT route planning software from gts.

One of the main tasks of Tyczka Energy employees is to carry out testing and maintenance work on liquid gas systems throughout Germany. These appointments take place at specific intervals. In addition, there are special orders, such as the installation of new domestic and special systems and troubleshooting services.

Relief for fitters

Professional route planning software should not only improve the profitability of the liquid gas company, but above all relieve the burden on employees: "Our fitters were sometimes busy for hours arranging appointments with customers. This was very inefficient for all parties," explains Stavros Spaneas, dispatcher at Tyczka Energy.

The first test phase with TransIT began in 2021. Step by step, employees were introduced to the software and SAP interfaces and other requirements were customised.

Stavros Spaneas reports on his initial experiences: "The willingness and reliability of gts was crucial to our success. Changes were adapted quickly and we were helped at all times."

Guaranteeing reliability and safety

Previously, the fitters planned their routes manually themselves and without a broad planning horizon. This is now done by the dispatchers and the TransIT planning software.

The tour data is planned directly from the SAP system in TransIT. The approved tour is then sent to the fitters' laptops, tablets or mobile phones via the "Web & Mobile" module. In addition to shorter communication channels, this also ensures the punctuality of appointments. However, the most important aspect in the planning of Tyczka Energy's tours is safety. Because in emergencies, for example in the event of a gas odour or gas leak, it is necessary to react quickly. This is also possible with TransIT, for example to find out which technician is available as quickly as possible.

Results of optimised route planning

The collaboration with TransIT has been very successful for Tyczka Energy. The fitters now spend less time on administrative activities and can concentrate on their core tasks instead. Overall, a 17 per cent reduction in driving time has been achieved. At the same time, the number of orders processed from 2022 to 2023 has increased by almost 20 per cent in just one year.

This means that Tyczka Energy's investment in the software has paid for itself in a short space of time. In addition to shorter communication channels, security is now ensured at all times.

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Relieve employees and guarantee safety: Route planning for Tyczka Energy - gts systems
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