Route planning software TransIT optimises deliveries to wholesalers

Adam Theis delivers fresh produce just-in-time

Delivering wholesale customers punctually, efficiently and at optimal cost: That is the motto of Adam Theis GmbH from Hochstadt in the Palatinate. For its just-in-time model, the food wholesaler relies on the flexible route planning software TransIT from gts systems and consulting in Aachen.

Adam Theis delivers fresh produce, fruit and vegetables to wholesalers, restaurants, schools and private customers. The combination of fixed major customers and daily fluctuating orders in the new webshop ensures that the tours never turn out the same - on average, the company's 46 vehicles are on tours with up to 45 orders per vehicle every day. This is a great logistical challenge for the dispatchers, because they have to take into account last-minute orders, daily deliveries, reloads and much more.

On average, the company's 46 vehicles are on the road every day on tours with up to 45 orders per vehicle.

New telematics in the test: optimising routes and identifying cost drivers

Adam Theis has been receiving support for flexible planning from the software and consulting experts gts systems and consulting from Aachen for several years. Their route planning software TransIT, which learns and is based on algorithms, plans deliveries on routes at optimal cost and exchanges the order data with the ERP system DeltaBusiness from the manufacturer am-Computersysteme GmbH. As part of the continuous optimisation, telematics is currently being put to the test: In a free, two-month test phase, gts is making its standard interfaces to two partner systems available for two vehicles. Via GPS, gts identifies the standing times, driving times and driving sequence in order to compare the planning data with the practical data. Results that deviate strongly from the planning make optimisation potential visible and can be incorporated into the tours as empirical values.

For its deliveries, the food wholesaler Adam Theis relies on the route planning software TransIT from gts systems and consulting in Aachen.

Software analyses the profitability of tours automatically

A special aspect of the TransIT software with transfer to the ERP system "DeltaBusiness" is the automated analysis of logistics costs, based on total kilometres, tour duration and number of customers per tour as well as their real additional costs. This makes it possible to efficiently answer the question of how much extra effort, for example, the addition of a new customer to an existing tour means. In the case of large detours and tight time windows, Adam Theis can set a minimum order value or additional delivery costs. In this way, the tours always remain economical and any costs fully in view.

For more information on gts' tour planning approach, see

Adam Theis delivers fresh produce just-in-time - gts systems
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