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The transport of samples to the laboratory must fulfil one criterion above all: Speed. Often the order is on call, so that hospitals and doctors' surgeries are only approached if they confirm their need in advance. For the laboratories, this means a high proportion of on-call customers who have to be integrated into the route plan - in addition to the fixed customers who are called on daily. There is a high communication effort: the order is usually received by telephone. With a large number of call-off customers, this takes a lot of time. The drivers have to be informed on the way, but often the order does not match their current location. Another challenge is the lack of documentation of the tours. This makes billing difficult, especially if a service provider was on duty.

Automated retrievals with gts

Laboratories get more peace in their daily business by using the tour planning software TransIT, which handles call-offs completely automatically. Customers no longer have to call, but can view the calls that are still possible on the lab's homepage and confirm them with a click of the mouse. The software automatically adjusts the tour and informs the driver in real time via the TransIT app. This also improves customer service, as call-off confirmation is possible until shortly before the confirmed pick-up. There is no additional effort for the driving service, as only the call-offs that actually work - i.e. if the order still fits the current route - are approved. An additional benefit: the tours driven are automatically documented in detail, so that billing also runs smoothly.

What advantages the automated call-offs offer in detail and how the software application is presented in practice will be explained by the experts from gts during the 30-minute webinar "Finally more peace in day-to-day business - fully automated consideration of call-offs in sample logistics" on 1 July at 10 am. You can register for the webinar here:

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