Passenger transport

Driving service software: How to optimise route planning in passenger transport.

Not exceeding journey times, designing barrier-free vehicle equipment, taking passengers' personal requirements into account - passenger transport is subject to numerous challenges. Of course, the basic requirements for optimal route planning remain the same: getting from A to B efficiently, on time and flexibly.

Detailed planning is required to take into account all the specific requirements of your customers. Do you need support at this point? This is where TransIT comes in.

  • Tour plan for social institutions:
    People with disabilities as well as their aids and, if necessary, their accompanying persons should be transported comfortably from A to B: this includes charitable institutions, day-care centres, nursing homes and workshops for the disabled.
  • Tour schedule for schools:
    The pupils have to be collected and dropped off safely at the schools. TransIT puts together the most efficient tour here.
  • Tour schedule for hospitals:
    In addition to scheduled journeys, there are often spontaneous orders that have to be dealt with quickly. TransIT's algorithms provide the optimal tour in an uncomplicated way.

Well thought-out route planning is indispensable, especially for tactical planning (e.g. route optimisation of school trips) or for daily scheduling (e.g. in the event of shifts in school times, illness of pupils). This is the only way to achieve cost-efficient planning that complies with the individual requirements of passenger transport.

Our offer: Together we optimise the route plan for your social institution, your school or your hospital. We offer our TransIT software to non-profit organisations at special conditions.

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This selection of companies already benefits from route optimisation with TransIT:

User-related route planning for passenger transport.

Getting people to their destination safely and comfortably is one of the competences of our customers Johanniter Bremen and BerlinMobil. Taking into account the specific requirements, the social institutions succeed in achieving this goal through a tour plan from TransIT: quickly, efficiently, comfortably.

Route planning software supports passenger transport

Software functions make the difference.

Passenger transport: Save time and money through route planning.

Passenger transport services are subject to many time and location restrictions when planning tours. If these are taken into account in advance, route planning can nevertheless be carried out without hurdles. However, this is often time-consuming and not always reliably feasible in spontaneous situations and ad hoc assignments (e.g. ambulance transport).

That is why we have developed algorithms with the TransIT tour planning software that create the optimal tour plan in passenger transport and take into account a wide range of factors for your orders. In addition to regular tours, the system also supports flexible rescheduling. Situations such as new employees, holidays or illness can be easily taken into account.

The route planning implemented by TransIT improves the coordination of staff and vehicles - and you save time and money.

In our Optimisation check you can find out where there is potential for improvement in your company with regard to route planning for passenger transport.

Software for passenger transport: Special needs in view.

From transport time to horizontal transport -
our driving service software supports you in planning.

In the case of sick people or people with disabilities, special consideration must be given to the individual needs of the passengers when planning the transport service. This includes e.g.

  • The determination of the maximum travel time
  • The disabled-friendly and barrier-free vehicle equipment
  • The transport of wheelchairs or other assistive devices

TransIT calculates all this for the tours of the driving services according to set specifications. This saves a lot of time and minimises sources of error compared to manual route planning. TransIT provides the drivers with the optimal route, which facilitates the execution of the driving orders.

TransIT therefore not only takes into account appointments, people, the corresponding vehicle and routes. The transport service software can take into account specifics (lying transport, patient transport, wheelchairs, reclining chairs, inclusion of accompanying persons, reduction of transport time, etc.) and thus facilitates the everyday tasks of all those involved in passenger transport.

Customised software for passenger transport.

TransIT enables passenger transport that is fair to all. Through route optimisation in passenger transport, the people who are helped by the services benefit in particular. When working with people, there are no standard solutions. It is important to take personal needs into account and to stand by all those involved as an uncomplicated solution provider.

This is achieved through individually thought-out route planning - implemented with TransIT, the software that supports the driving service in all its challenges.

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