gts relieves "sei mobil" mobility service provider

TransIT in passenger transport: More time for the needs of passengers

Attention and sensitivity are required when transporting people. The way to work, school, nursery or even a workshop for the disabled and a care facility is paved with new challenges every day - also for the respective mobility service provider.

A good service is made up of punctuality, efficiency, comfort and, above all, care. There is a strict timetable. In addition, fleet resources must be used economically. Space for escorts and aids such as wheelchairs is also a daily planning challenge. Nevertheless, the passengers' concerns have top priority. To walk this tightrope, software support is indispensable.

We at gts systems and consulting have many years of experience with the challenges of the industry. That is why we want to help transport companies with our route planning software TransIT and individual consulting.

gts relieves "sei mobil" mobility service provider

To date, the route planning process in many mobility companies is still done by the drivers themselves. Either in the ongoing process or through verbal agreements in the morning. Until recently, the transport service provider "sei mobil" from Ahlen also relied on a manual approach to route planning and the calculation of tenders. However, with multiple planning factors and numerous passengers, regular route planning became an unsolvable Herculean task. To cope with this, the company finally switched to our tour planning software TransIT. This enabled "sei mobil" to optimise its 'routes according to the requirements of the respective client and save costs as well as valuable time. Furthermore, the software is a great relief for the employees in the sparsely staffed field of work, who in turn have more time to take care of the various concerns of the passengers.

TransIT creates the best possible route plan based on learning algorithms and takes into account a wide range of factors for your orders. This also includes flexible rescheduling in the event of spontaneous situations such as ambulance transports or the absence of a driver.

More information on the topic as well as references from other mobility service providers who rely on route planning with TransIT can be found on our website, at:


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TransIT in passenger transport: More time for the needs of passengers - gts systems
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