Service connects: gts promotes social projects through InkluServ collaboration

Together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO) and Werkstätten Esslingen-Kirchheim gGmbH (WEK), gts launched InkluServ in 2019. The project should enable impaired delivery drivers to participate in unsupervised working life. By the end of 2022, InkluServ will be fully implemented and deliver sound results that will even attract the first imitators.

The Werkstätten Esslingen-Kirchheim wanted to expand the delivery service of their inclusive café and supermarket so that the severely disabled employees could also gain experience outside of the care range. At the WEK's request, gts revised the user interface of the TransIT app to guide the delivery drivers through their orders in detail. In the course of this, a load index was also created as a guideline for route planning. It determines the relationship between the order requirements and the physical and mental constitution of the delivery driver. This enables the tour planner to easily identify which job is suitable for the respective employee. As a result, the project not only improved WEK's reach and service, but also serves as an important cornerstone for similar projects. With the successful completion of InkluServ at the end of 2022, there are already two interested parties for the advanced assistance system.

Service connects: gts promotes social projects through InkluServ collaboration - gts systems
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