"Fuel index": Rising fuel prices as factor X in route planning

New function for TransIT software from gts systems and consulting

"Are my tours still economical?" - this is the question that logistics and transport companies are asking themselves with the current rise in fuel prices. The new "fuel index" function of the TransIT tour planning software from gts makes it easier to reach the break-even point. It takes into account live price developments of fuel costs and automatically calculates the changed total costs of the tours. Better and faster decisions thanks to real-time cost simulation.

The TransIT route planning software is based on self-learning algorithms. These even include special parameters such as turning restrictions, opening hours or maximum transport duration - in short: all sector-specific requirements - in the planning. Tours should not only be as cost-efficient as possible, but also "drivable". One parameter in route planning that is becoming increasingly difficult to calculate is fuel prices - not least in times of the Ukraine war.

The new "fuel index" of the TransIT tour planning software takes into account live price developments of fuel costs and automatically calculates the changed total costs of the tours.

"Fuel index" as a live decision-making aid

Logistics and transport companies can therefore now use the new "Fuel Index" feature in the TransIT software. Price developments of fuel costs are included in real time in the calculation of total route costs. A live decision-making basis for dispatchers and planners. "Companies set up threshold values in TransIT up to which point their tours are still economical. With this information, the increased costs and their share of the total logistics costs are easy to evaluate in order to derive appropriate measures, e.g. changes in the vehicle fleet," explains Dr. Tore Grünert, founder and managing director of gts systems and consulting from Aachen. In practice, with the help of the "fuel index" it is possible to go down to the level of the individual delivery and compare the proportional costs to the turnover or contribution margin of the delivery. The cost-income ratio of individual tours and deliveries can be simulated live in TransIT in order to make quick and informed decisions.

Dr. Tore Grünert Team Porträt
Dr. Tore Grünert, Gründer und Geschäftsführer von gts systems and consulting

Further information on the "Fuel Index" in TransIT can be read here .

?Kraftstoff-Index?: Steigende Spritpreise als Faktor X in der Tourenplanung - gts systems
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