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Summer Dinner 2023: Culinary delights, wine and lots of conversation

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the evening together. And that's exactly what we did recently as part of our Summer Dinner 2023. At Kochnische Yannick Bey in the Frankenberger Viertel in Aachen, we spent the summer evening in a relaxed atmosphere with delicious food.

We spent our evening at the Yannick Bey kitchenette in Aachen.

The starter was sea bream, combined with melon, cucumber and salted lemon - and lots of interesting conversations. For the vegetarians among us, there was of course an alternative for every course. So our evening could begin!

The intermediate course was also impressive. We were served a delicious risotto flavoured with corn, curry and vegetable tempura. This was followed by the main course, consisting of succulent beef, runner beans, potato pancakes and a delicate soya sauce. To accompany the meal, we had the opportunity to enjoy fine wines or refreshing beer - depending on the guests' preferences.

As we all know, the best is saved for last. The dessert was the highlight of the evening for many of us. We were served raspberry, buttermilk, paprika and sesame. Sesame and paprika? Yes, you heard right! Some of us were sceptical at first. But the combination of the savoury paprika and the sweet raspberries made for a very tasty contrast.

The main course was the highlight of the dinner for many.

Our summary of the evening: We chatted a lot, laughed and enjoyed the delicious food. The team from the Yannick Bey kitchenette was very attentive and made sure we didn't want for anything the whole evening.

The weather also played along that evening. Thanks to the mild temperatures, we were able to use the outdoor cooking area and enjoy dinner al fresco. All in all, it was a very relaxed evening with good food, delicious drinks and lots of conversation. We look forward to next year!

Summer Dinner 2023: Culinary delights, wine and lots of conversation - gts systems
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