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The gts All Stars take off again

This year things got particularly sporty at gts. After a two-year break, the gts All Stars competed again at the B2Run and the Aachen company run With team shirts in a new design, our runners were ready to start - and were even able to achieve best results!

Our team at the B2Run 2022 in Aachen.

Around 1800 participants from approximately 120 companies took part in this year's B2Run in Aachen. The gts All Stars were also there - and were highly motivated despite summer temperatures of around 30 degrees.

The running course was about 5km long and ran across the CHIO grounds, through the Tivoli and the Aachen Soers. All runners received a festive welcome at the finish line in the CHIO riding stadium and were then provided with well-deserved, chilled drinks.

Despite the high summer temperatures, the results of the gts All Stars at the B2Run 2022 are impressive: In the men's ranking they were able to achieve Rank 33 from 122 Ben Mainz (23:34 min.), Michael Thärigen (23:53 min.) and Johannes Coppeneur (24:43 min.) came in first. They were followed by Yasser Reddahi, Boris Grein, Tore Grünert, David Barnard, Mukesh Kumar and Roy Hermanns.

Best results at the 9th Aachen company run

But that was not all. Following the success at the B2Run, our team went to the 9th Aachen Company Run.The temperatures were much more pleasant and our runners mastered the 3.3km course with ease.

And not only that: our team even achieved best performances: Out of a total of 116 teams, the gts All Stars achieved good results in the men's ranking. The second place!

Ben Mainz (13:55 min.), Gereon Bürvenich (14:25 min.) and Johannes Coppeneur (14:39 min.) were right at the front. They were followed by Boris Grein, Roy Hermanns, David Barnard, Marc Krämer and Bastian Grein.

We are proud of our team and look forward to being miles ahead again next year!

David Barnard and Roy Hermanns (from left to right) ran for our team.
The gts All Stars at the 9th Aachen Company Run.
The gts All Stars take off again - gts systems
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