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Action, pleasure and dialogue at the gts company party 2022

It all started at the Powerarea kart hall in Lemiers.

3,2,1, go! At the gts company party on 15 August, employees were able to show off their expertise in real-time tour planning. For the event started at 3 p.m. in the Powerarea kart hall in Lemiers with a collegial competition. After a short briefing on how to operate the electrically powered vehicles, each participant received a helmet and the spectacle could begin. In a test round, the drivers got used to the track in order to win a place for the all-important race in the subsequent qualifying race. In the final, Ben Mainz, Marc Krämer and Dirk Tost took the first three places.

Marc Krämer, Ben Mainz und Dirk Tost (v.l.n.r.) konnten das Race für sich entscheiden.

At 7 pm, the hosts Jens Claßen, Simon Claßen and Stefan Bialojahn from the Claßen butcher's shop welcomed their guests to the Pulvermühle Jülich. This was followed by a first-class barbecue dinner with a total of three courses, the likes of which had never been seen before at gts. For starters, the organisers served up high-quality delicacies such as buffalo mozzarella, dry-aged tartare from Eifel cattle and brisket from US Black Angus cattle. Surprisingly, even the more exotic meats came from the region. Before the main course and dessert, the employees also had the chance to taste various cuts of beef directly on the grill.

The starter was Dry Aged Tartar from Eifel beef.

With full bellies and nice conversations among colleagues, the gts staff finally let the evening fade away until 11 pm. If the employees have their way, the next company party can't come soon enough. Whether this is due to the delicious meat specialities or because most of them want a quick revenge on the go-kart track remains debatable. What is certain is that everyone had a lot of fun.

Action, enjoyment and dialogue at the gts company party 2022 - gts systems
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