Route optimisation from gts enables fast logistics changeover

Voigt bakery with supermarket project: from 50 to 120 store deliveries in six weeks

In the extended Rhineland, the Voigt bakery has stood for fresh and high-quality baked goods since 1894. One of Germany's largest supermarket chains also recognised this - and would like to include Voigt products in its regional assortment in the Rhein-Sieg district. But in order to reach the approximately 70 supermarkets in addition to its own 50 branches, the Voigt bakery has to significantly reschedule its logistics routes. A mammoth task, which the route planning expert gts from Aachen implemented in only six weeks.

Intelligent route planning instead of fleet expansions enabled the Voigt bakery to more than double its stops in six weeks.

With 50 branches, the Voigt bakery is an institution in and around the Rhein-Sieg district. And from now on, a selection of the traditional business can also be found in a well-known supermarket chain. This was made possible within six weeks by the tour planning expert gts from Aachen. For this success story, however, the delivery routes had to be changed in order to be able to drive to 70 locations of the well-known discounter in addition to the 50 own branches. The starting point for the cooperation was the gts partner and fleet manager WEBFLEET already in use at Bäckerei Voigt. A time-consuming intervention in the IT of the bakery manufacturer was not necessary for gts. Instead, all necessary information about stops and orders was taken from the ERP system. Via a central CSV file, the route planning expert from Aachen developed the solution for the 19 vehicles of the Voigt bakery fleet in order to deliver fresh products to more than twice as many branches.

"Thanks to the fast and proactive work of gts, we were able to conscientiously plan the new routes together with our dispatchers before we started them. In the same way, we can also connect other branches that are now being added. Thanks to gts as an efficient partner and WEBFLEET as an interface, we can offer our goods quickly and efficiently to even more people," says Andreas Voigt, fourth-generation managing director at Bäckerei Voigt.

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Voigt bakery with supermarket project: from 50 to 120 store deliveries in six weeks - gts systems
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