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Cames optimises tour processes sustainably with Webfleet and TransIT

"Less distance, optimal utilisation and efficient use of resources: this is reality for us today".

Michael Cames
Managing Director of Peter Cames
GmbH & Co. KG

The company

Peter Cames GmbH & Co. KG was already founded in 1920 and celebrated its centenary in August 2020. Now in its fourth generation, the Neuss-based family business advises and supplies independent food retailers and convenience shops. These include, in particular, petrol stations, kiosks, butchers, bakeries, railway station and airport shops in North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland and the German-speaking Benelux region. Peter Cames GmbH & Co. KG currently has in stock. "As a food delivery wholesaler, we supply around 1,200 customers," says Michael Cames, Managing Director of the company. "Our fleet currently comprises 23 trucks, including 12-, 15- and 18-tonne trucks." The company employs around 120 people and a total of 29 drivers.

The task

In the past, there was no way to optimally utilise vehicle capacities and automatically take into account specified delivery windows. "We saw: We have to adapt that and go one step further." The long-term goal should be to make delivery logistics more efficient. The particular challenge in the Cames case lay in the smaller order quantities of the customers, the late receipt of orders and correspondingly little time leeway in route planning.

The solution

Webfleet has the largest network of integration partners in Europe. In the field of digital route planning, Webfleet has been working with gts systems and consulting for many years. With the Webfleet fleet management software and the integration into the TransIT tour planning software from gts, tour processes can be sustainably optimised. The advantage: the interface is ready for immediate use. During the planning process, the relevant information from the merchandise management system of Peter Cames GmbH & Co. KG can be accessed at any time and transferred to TransIT. The tours are planned on this basis. The dispatchers can combine, pack orders onto other tours or have them automatically optimised by TransIT. Via the open interfaces, the tours, their sequence and all relevant delivery information go directly to Webfleet. The driver starts his orders for the current day in his vehicle on Webfleet's PRO Driver Terminals. He has complete transparency over his tours - in the correct sequence, with start and calculated arrival times. In addition, the dispatchers know at any time when the vehicles will reach their destinations and have a constant comparison in TransIT between target and actual as well as the current order status. Webfleet is an important factor here in several respects. The direct transmission of the required data means that order planning can take place immediately. At the same time, Webfleet serves as transmission software for the generated tours. Both dispatching and drivers benefit from this. Today, Peter Cames GmbH & Co. KG does automatic pre-planning at 3 p.m. for tours on the following day on the basis of framework tours. About 85 to 90 percent of all orders are in the system for the next day at this time. With GPS-supported route planning and the simple integration of Webfleet and TransIT, Cames has been able to significantly reduce routes, working hours and scheduling effort and to cope with a recent significant increase in incoming orders with the available resources, reduce possible error rates and thus increase the profitability of its vehicle fleet. The company now saves 15% of the total kilometres driven per tour.

Cames optimises tour processes sustainably with Webfleet and TransIT - gts systems
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