Webinar: How the menu gets to the customer

Fresh food that is delivered directly to your doorstep: Mobile lunch tables are still very popular. The advantages are apparent. No shopping and cooking for your personal favorite menu and on top of that, the delivery is taken over by a professional menu service - a great relief for seniors, those in need and their relatives.

The daily delivery of (usually) warm lunches to private individuals means the following for delivery services: The menus are delivered in warming boxes by cars, vans or vans, usually between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. This tight delivery window for frequently new or discontinued customers as well as the consideration of downtimes or short-term cancellations must be planned variably. In addition, customers are supplied regularly, but not necessarily on a daily basis. There are also different tours on public holidays and weekends. Overall, the route planning of the menu services is therefore associated with major logistical challenges: It must remain flexible and tours with changing stops must always be set up anew. At the same time, the calculation of evenly busy tours is difficult and time-consuming.

Automated route planning saves costs

The TransIT software developed by gts records various delivery parameters and uses algorithms, precise area planning and automated optimization processes to calculate the best route. It takes plan variants into account and thus offers comprehensive support for special tour optimization or adaptation of menu service tours. The software also automatically creates route suggestions for new customers. Linked to a navigation solution, drivers can deliver to customers one after the other on an optimal route. This ultimately saves between 10 to 15 percent of the tour costs and saves the hassle and lack of transparency of manual planning. For example, the "Aid Organization Carinthia" already relies on gts. Welfare associations such as the DRK and Johanniter are already benefiting from the software support in terms of passenger transport, in which the tours - similar to menu services - are optimized and create added value for customers and users.

The experts from gts will explain the benefits of route optimisation in detail and how it is applied in practice during the 30-minute webinar "Improving customer service through intelligent planning with flexible delivery areas" on 20 May at 10 am. You can register for the webinar here:

You can register for the webinar here

Webinar: How the menu gets to the customer - gts systems
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