Webinar for municipal waste management companies: No more losing tenders - calculate safely and at optimal cost with TransIT

Municipal waste management services are awarded within the framework of supra-regional tenders. The contract is awarded to the most favourable bid; if successful, the agreed conditions apply for several years. However, in order to win the tender, the waste management company invests a lot of time and effort in the calculation. It is all the more annoying when the calculation is not convincing in the end. A frequent reason for suboptimal planning work is the available data, which is usually rather poor. At the beginning, usually only a few parameters are known, for example 30,000 tonnes per year and bi-weekly emptying. If this is compounded by a lack of local knowledge, planning becomes time-consuming and difficult. It is therefore important to make a realistic calculation, otherwise you will either not be awarded the contract or you will make losses over the entire contract period.

Intelligent planning process with gts

The planning process with the TransIT route planning software from gts maximises the chances of success when processing tenders. Based on a few details such as total quantity and emptying frequency, the software automatically generates complete planning data, including container locations and emptying weights. In combination with the bin-specific emptying durations, this results in an accurate and detailed basis for planning. Based on algorithms, the system then creates optimal precincts, which in turn lead to optimal tours, and determines the exact number of vehicles required. As a result, the risk of losses due to incorrect calculation is eliminated - and the chances of a successful tender increase considerably.

The experts from gts will explain the benefits of route optimisation in detail and how it is applied in practice during the 30-minute webinar "Improving customer service through intelligent planning with flexible delivery areas" on 20 May at 10 am. You can register for the webinar here:

Webinar für kommunale Entsorger: Keine Ausschreibungen mehr verlieren ? sicher und kostenoptimal kalkulieren mit TransIT - gts systems
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