Route planning: This is how efficiently grocery shipping company CAMES plans

Every second counts in food logistics. Route planning is all the more important. With digital and GPS support, it enables an enormous increase in efficiency in dispatching. The grocery shipping company CAMES knows this too and relies on the interaction between the route planning software TransIT from gts and the fleet management software WEBFLEET.

In the field of digital route planning, Webfleet Solutions has been working with gts systems and consulting for many years. With the fleet management software WEBFLEET and the integration into the route planning software TransIT from gts, route processes can be sustainably optimized. Thanks to the WEBFLEET linked to TransIT, customers can transmit tours and the tour sequence (driver information) directly to the vehicles on the streets. The status of the planned tours is always transparent and can be adjusted if necessary. Information between dispatchers and drivers is played back and processed in real time.

The combination of TransIT and WEBFLEET enables the grocery shipping company CAMES to significantly reduce routes, working hours and dispatching costs. Thanks to the GPS-supported route planning, the possible error rates could be reduced and the profitability of the vehicle fleet increased.

Welche Vorteile die Tourenplanung mit TransIT im Zusammenspiel mit der Flottenmanagementsoftware WEBFLEET im Detail bietet und wie sich die Anwendung in der Praxis bei Lebensmittelspediteur CAMES darstellt, erklären die Speaker von WEBFLEET und CAMES im Rahmen des Webinars "Digitale Tourenplanung leicht gemacht: So steigern Sie die Effizienz Ihrer Disposition" am 23. September 2020 um 10 Uhr.

You can register for the webinar here:

Route planning: This is how efficiently grocery shipping company CAMES plans - gts systems
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