Partnership between gts and German Autolabs creates digital co-drivers for professionals at the wheel

Details on delivery addresses, delivery windows and acknowledgment requirements - drivers usually read core information on displays via a telematics connection. From now on, however, it is much more communicative. Because from now on, the delivery information in vehicles with the TransIT route planning software will be reproduced by a voice assistant for professional drivers - from pick-up to the “last mile”. This is made possible by a partnership between the route planning expert gts and the deep tech start-up German Autolabs.

What in David Hasselhoff's Knight Rider with K.I.T.T. and in Iron Man with J.A.R.V.I.S. Is still science fiction, it will soon become a reality for drivers of fleets with TransIT software. Because thanks to the cooperation between gts and the young tech company German Autolabs, professionals at the wheel will soon be on tour with a voice assistant. The digital co-driver is also specialized in the “last mile”, i.e. the way from the vehicle to the customer's front door. The voice assistant receives key information such as delivery windows or details about the delivery address from the route management and the dates of the logistics company and connects them to one another. They will then be announced proactively before the next stop. The driver is thus prepared for the following work steps in his preferred language before the stop. 

With the TransIT software from gts, users automatically create optimized solutions for complex tours. The Berlin deep tech start-up German Autolabs has specialized in professional drivers of vehicle and truck fleets with its voice assistant. The advantages of the partnership are manifold: on the one hand, journeys are safer due to the reduced visual distraction of screens, on the other hand they are also more effective and less error-prone. 

Partnership between gts and German Autolabs creates digital co-drivers for professionals at the wheel - gts systems

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