More and more waste disposal companies and passenger transport companies are relying on gts route planning

With industry-specific solutions, gts is increasingly scoring points with waste disposal and passenger transport companies. In the past six months we were able to win many new customers in the areas of waste disposal and passenger transport. The reason for this are tailor-made functions that are precisely tailored to the respective industry.

Individual requirements in passenger transport

The special route planning functions in passenger transport include the consideration of different boarding times for wheelchair users, specified pick-up times or different destination and start facilities. A particularly important aspect when transporting people with physical or mental disabilities is also taking into account the maximum transport time per passenger. TransIT can do this too.

Thanks to the intelligent combination of starting points per tour, we achieve significant savings and can therefore quickly create timetables. With the integration of these industry-specific features in the product standard, the projects can be implemented efficiently and successfully for the customer, so that a cost optimization of the tours is achieved quickly. Companies like BerlinMobil, Johanniter Bremen, Behinderten-Werk Main-Kinzig oder VITUS see it that way.

Specific criteria for the waste management industry

gts also speaks the language of its customers in the waste management industry and provides software functions that optimally support the disposition in the waste management industry in strategic and operative planning - among others for the companies Berlin Recycling, FES – Frankfurter Entsorgungsbetrieb, PreZero, GAB Umwelt Service, Kohl-Recycling and Augustin Entsorgung.

TransIT optimizes collection tours for municipal disposal, bulky waste disposal or commercial waste disposal. It doesn't matter whether several hundred container locations have to be planned and the road side has to be taken into account for emptying or the possible turning maneuvers of the vehicles have to be reduced to a minimum. Agreed pick-up times, opening times and pick-up rhythms also play a decisive role - TransIT can easily plan these. In addition, bulky waste tours can be put together in such a way that they can be run in a cost-effective manner and necessary intermediate tipping maneuvers are identified. TransIT takes these restrictions into account and presents planning results transparently.

We would be happy to advise you on our solutions for waste disposal companies and passenger transport companies.

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More and more waste disposal companies and passenger transport companies are relying on gts route planning - gts systems
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