Logistic power update for Brantner fleet.

Sustainable thinking and innovative circular economy are inscribed in our DNA. In the future, the TransIt software from GTS will not only ensure that the Brantner Österreich GmbH fleet runs smoothly, but will also help massively to relieve the environment and accelerate deliveries for customers.

The route planning software TransIT convinced us across the board and is therefore seamlessly integrated into the new ERP system from Brantner Austria. From 2021, it will ensure the optimal utilization of more than 150 vehicles at various locations. The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority, but at the same time we always have the ecological footprint in our sights. TransIT brings both together optimally. It guarantees short, direct routes and low fuel consumption with greater flexibility at the same time and can thus significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

With the modules for commercial waste disposal, municipal waste disposal and container logistics, Brantner's planning and order processing will be taken to a new level at the beginning of 2021. In future, the optimized route planning will take into account information about the route, vehicles, capacity utilization, unloading locations and various environmental aspects so that we can implement our services for customers and partners even better, faster and more flexibly. TransIT will also be of great help to the dispatchers in their daily job, so that they can implement the tours for our customers even faster and better. This not only applies to the commercial sector, but also in the municipal sector, where much more flexibility and optimal processing will be possible in the future. Because customer satisfaction and the sustainable use of resources are top priorities at Brantner!

In addition, the additional connection of TransIT to a telematics system with container tracking will also improve route guidance so that we can communicate the time slots to be planned more precisely to our customers.

You can find more information about TransIT and other innovations at:

Logistic power update for Brantner fleet. - gts systems
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