gts enters into partnership with Telekom Deutschland and BFI

As of now, gts is part of the new partner initiative "Telekom IT Business Collaboration". This is a project by Telekom Deutschland and umbrella partner BFI Consulting Company for Information Technology, a leading German system house. In the future, both organizations will receive qualified support from gts in the area of ​​route planning and optimization.

The partner model "IT Business Collaboration (ITBC)" is aimed at regional IT system houses. Telekom Deutschland and umbrella partner BFI are thus establishing a stable and sustainable network. "We at gts can expand our offer through the partnership, gain new know-how and open up further customer segments," explains Sascha Egener, Head of Partner Account Management. "Our customers keep us as a point of contact when it comes to route planning, but can also benefit from new technologies and Telekom's digitization expertise."

The "IT Business Collaboration" focuses on the strengths of Telekom Deutschland, BFI and gts and combines them in a meaningful way. "We get access to the entire telecom and BFI portfolio and can offer our existing and new customers a new full service in the area of ​​route planning," explains Sascha Egener. "We are very pleased to be part of this initiative with special synergy effects."

Further information on the gts network of experts is available at

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gts enters into partnership with Telekom Deutschland and BFI - gts systems

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