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Route planning system for small businesses - does that make sense?

Efficient routes are also crucial for the success of small and medium-sized delivery companies (SMEs). Immature route planning leads to uneconomical costs and additional time. While large companies therefore already use route planning systems, these are often too extensive for SMEs. The consequence is manual route plans on paper, which usually do not stand up to the changeable traffic situations. The latest software from gts systems and consulting provides a remedy.

Small to medium-sized enterprises face a number of challenges without efficient route planning, which can have a major impact on business operations and profitability. One of the main problems is inefficient routing, which leads to more fuel consumption, time as well as personnel expenditure and thus higher costs. Furthermore, unorganised routes can have a negative impact on customer satisfaction, as deliveries may arrive late due to unforeseen traffic situations. At the same time, many resources remain unused, which leads to overload or underload of employees and the vehicle fleet. This includes, for example, long waiting times despite unused vehicles or uneconomical empty runs.

Tour planning system: Too expensive for SMEs?

Large companies are struggling with the same problems, but are increasingly relying on the support of route planning systems that optimise their routes and resource consumption. With the help of inventory data, the software can plan the best possible tour with the available vehicles and employees. Special solutions such as TransIT from gts also rely on artificial intelligence and real-time traffic data to adjust the route even during ongoing operations. The software even includes traffic jams, accidents or road closures due to construction work in its calculations. But why do SMEs still plan their routes manually? The reason lies in the demands placed on them: While large companies usually manage a gigantic fleet and numerous regular tours every day, the established tour planning systems are often far too oversized and costly for SMEs.

gts Maps as a sensible alternative for SMEs

In discussions with the industry, gts learned about this problem and quickly developed the tour planning alternative for small and medium-sized enterprises: "gts Maps". With the software, SMEs can now digitise their routes instead of planning them in their heads or on paper. After planning the routes manually, they can easily be transferred to the driver's smartphone. In addition to vehicle location, the app also allows drivers to document stops with pictures and messages for dispatchers. This works via an intuitive interface on which all active and already completed orders of the tour can be seen. The recorded GPS data in turn serve to improve controlling. With gts Maps, SMEs thus get exactly the functions they need along with easy handling - or: an optimal solution for companies with small fleets.

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Route planning system for small businesses - does that make sense? - gts systems
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