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What do social projects and route planning have to do with each other? - gts systems

That we use our route planning software for a good cause!

With the support of a Christmas package campaign in the form of our free tour planning and tour optimization, we have shown how versatile social engagement can be. Whether children in poverty or local charitable organizations - help is in demand everywhere. That is why we support international and regional projects that we would like to recommend to you.

A gift with a heart: route planning software as a donation for humedica

For many years we have been supporting the “Gift with a Heart” Christmas package campaign by the international aid organization humedica - in the form of a unique donation. Instead of money, we give what we do best: We provide our tour planning software TransIT, including the training of humedica employees, for collecting Christmas parcels.

For ten years now, humedica has been calling for the “Gift with a Heart” Christmas package campaign. The aim of this campaign is to give children in need a little Christmas joy. The campaign is enjoying growing popularity among the “parcel packers” - 90,000 parcels were donated in 2017! In order to collect the Christmas parcels at the over 1,000 collection points in kindergartens, schools, companies and families and then distribute them to children all over the world, many, many volunteer drivers are on the road for several weeks every year.

The joy about the parcels is just as great as the logistical effort. And that's exactly where gts helps! Until 2011, the tours at humedica were largely planned manually. Since the effort was no longer manageable, humedica was looking for a suitable tour planning program. Fortunately, the choice fell on TransIT. Since we can plan better than pack, we support the relief effort by providing the software free of charge. The humedica employees are now planning the collection tours with the route planning software. By using TransIT, the planning effort at humedica could be reduced significantly. Last but not least, the professional route planning also reduced travel costs, as TransIT automatically creates optimized routes. The joy of the actual goal, the giving, now prevails again.

We will continue our commitment as a sponsor and partner in the future through the free use of software, user training and subsequent support.

From Herzogenrath to Burkina Faso - not with route planning, but with Oxfam.

The international emergency aid and development organization Oxfam advocates decent working conditions and fair trade relations, gender equality and environmental and climate protection worldwide. Oxfam pursues the concept of helping people to help themselves, i.e. using sustainable solutions to overcome poverty and injustice on their own. This also applies to the Oxfam support network "Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs". As part of the network, numerous companies are committed to helping start-up companies. This is exactly what gts does. Depending on local needs, local partners of Oxfam provide know-how and start-up capital for their own economic livelihoods - this includes, for example, training courses to improve agricultural cultivation methods or the establishment of smallholder cooperatives. Last year, Oxfam project officer Stefanie Beck visited us on site to present a project from Burkina Faso that supports people in setting up small businesses and thus building a secure livelihood.

The funding projects focus on entrepreneurship in order to create sustainable prospects. We are happy to support that.

Dr. Tore Grünert
Managing Director

Company membership with the Johannitern

Whether care for the elderly, ambulance transport or facilities for people with disabilities ... at the latest when a rescue operation is in place, it becomes clear to everyone how important the work of social organizations such as the Johannitern is. But what not everyone knows: Companies can also promote this work in the form of corporate membership. Gts has decided to do this and is one of 1,600 companies involved in the “Joint Social Responsibility” campaign.

Children, street, traffic - campaign of the German Police Union

Fortunately, children can still get by without GPS, navigation systems and tour planning, but unfortunately they like to spontaneously hit the streets. So that they can move safely in traffic, the German Police Union has launched the “Children, Road, Traffic” campaign and regularly publishes an educational brochure on the subject of “Children in Road Traffic”. In this brochure, we run advertisements every year to support the campaign for safe and carefree play for children.

What do social projects and route planning have to do with each other? - gts systems
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