Planning & Optimisation

Planning & Optimisation

Easy data maintenance, automatic processes, interactive planning - you decide on a tailor-made software and more efficiency.

The user is not bound to the automatically generated plans but instead can also carry out the planning himself or change prepared plans. Even manually modified plans can be improved by the optimisation procedures.

There are special maintenance dialogues for all master data and planning data to simplify the maintenance of individual data records. These dialogues can also be used to plan routes and areas.

With the help of geographic connections, it is possible to plan routes and areas within the map. Changes to the routes are automatically calculated and visualised immediately. The display of the objects can be adjusted to support the user.

The Gantt chart shows the chronological course of the routes. This allows driving times, loading times, breaks and waiting times to be analysed. Drag and drop mechanisms can also be used here to reschedule the route.

Several planning suggestions for planning individual additional orders are generated using optimisation procedures. The user decides which suggestion should be used.

Die Tourenoptimierung ist ein Kernbestandteil der Anwendung. Sie dient der automatischen Erstellung und Verbesserung von Plänen mit Hilfe von Optimierungsalgorithmen. Dabei werden Entscheidungen über Zuordnung von Aufträgen zu Touren, zur Reihenfolge der Aufträge innerhalb der Tour sowie über notwendige Zusatzprozesse wie Depotbesuche und Pausen getroffen.

Territory planning makes it possible to determine geographically related territories from historical, statistical or systematised orders that serve as the basis for daily routes. Applications include the creation of framework routes, the division of delivery or service territories and the identification of removal districts in the waste management industry.

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