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Success through teamwork: tour planning for EGN Niederrhein

Digitalisation is taking on an increasingly important role in waste management - and this is also the case at EGN Entsorgungsgesellschaft Niederrhein mbH, a full-service provider in the field of waste disposal and recycling based in Viersen. It has been using the MapTrip FollowMe navigation system from infoware Informationstechnik GmbH for route planning since March 2021. EGN became aware of the infoware partners gts and 3kb GmbH. gts offers customised solutions in the area of route planning and optimisation. 3kb GmbH specialises in the telematics connection of navigation devices. Until now, the route sequence optimised by gts was displayed as a marked road, which was given to the drivers in paper form. Now the routes pre-planned by gts can be sent directly to MapTrip FollowMe. This example shows how the know-how of three experts in their respective fields can be combined and ensure a smooth deployment of drivers in waste collection.

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Success through teamwork: tour planning for EGN Niederrhein - gts systems
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