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M. Bach GmbH

Integrated, GPS-supported Route Planning.

Almost 95% of the orders need to be completed within 24 hours and delivered, to the greatest extent possible, the next day – and with zero-error planning. Thanks to the TransIT route planning system, M. Bach GmbH, Eschweiler, can smoothly handle this race against time and high logistical requirements profile. 

Fulfilling individual customer requirements is the top-priority for this wholesale company. That's why the 150 employees send 15 trucks a day to serve their 200 customers as quickly as possible. On board these vehicles are tools and products for the electrical, plumbing, heating and installation needs, which the wholesale company distributes nationwide.

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Short travel times, low dispatching efforts, delivery on the following day - the TransIT route planning system takes all individual criteria into account.

The logistics effort in sanitary ware business is high because much of the ordered goods need to be ordered from different suppliers, recorded as data and stock, then picked and delivered just-in-time. Constantly increasing customer and location demands have made manual planning an increasingly huge task. Due to these rising demands, the optimum planning of routes has become increasingly difficult and error-prone for the dispatchers. Delays are a very critical issue in deliveries in the construction phase, as they often lead to costly interruptions in construction.

That's why the company, M. Bach, has been using the TransIT route planning system since 2014. With direct connection to the online platform WEBFLEET® from TomTom Telematics, integrated, GPS-supported̈ route planning has been possible ever since. Incoming orders are scheduled in TransIT, taking into consideration all the relevant constraints in the form of delivery time windows, service times, working hours, driving times and rest periods, as well as order and vehicle capacities in such a way that cost-optimised routes are created. Planned routes are transferred directly to the vehicles via WEBFLEET®. The drivers can view their routes and execute them in an optimal sequence through the integrated navigation. Through the returned GPS data, the dispatchers have a constant overview of the delivery status and the current status of the routes. In the event of delays, even the expected delivery times are shown. The target vs. actual comparisons integrated in TransIT enable comprehensive control, and thereby the identification and elimination of potential weak points. 

Through the introduction of the TransIT route planning system, the distances, working hours and the efforts involved in dispatching could be significantly reduced. The deployment of resources (vehicles) has been reduced to a minimum; at the same time, the error rate has reduced enormously.

The Outcome

  • Integrated, GPS-supported route planning

  • Reduction of working hours, efforts involved in dispatching and driving distance

  • Cost-optimised routes

  • More flexible response times

  • High customer satisfaction

  • High-degree of transparency about the current routes

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