Software for private and municipal waste management: optimising route planning in waste disposal logistics.

Route planning in waste management is often a tricky puzzle. From daily waste disposal to container logistics, from bulky waste to hazardous waste. Route planning around the collection, recycling and disposal of waste must be one thing above all: flexible. Every day there is a mix of recurring and irregular orders for companies from the private as well as the municipal waste management sector. But for collection tours, other special points have to be taken into account: the area topography, time units, performance points, provision quotas and bulk quantities, and many more.

Our professional software for waste management is called TransIT.
It takes all these parameters into account for efficient and resource-saving route planning in waste management logistics. In addition, the software answers urgent operational questions:

  • Are certain roads not allowed to be used at certain times?
  • Does the tour include busy routes where traffic is gridlocked at commuter times?
  • Does the disposal include certain waste or packaging that requires special transport?

If you consider these points as part of the tour planning, you create the basis for two important points:

    1. collection areas that are as balanced as possible in terms of time.
    2. the calculation of the optimal order per area.

How you benefit from it? Compact precincts optimise your routes, resources and the number of vehicles. Of course, you also save costs.

Optimise waste management tours now with the right software

Would you like to plan your collection routes efficiently and increase the cost-effectiveness of your trucking schedule?

Then use a software specialised in waste management for route planning - including all industry-specific requirements such as district planning and turning manoeuvres.

This selection of companies already benefits from route optimisation with TransIT:

User-related route planning for waste disposal companies.

Route planning for EGN Niederrhein

Yellow bins in Saarbrücken

Optimised waste streams for Remondis

Waste management software implements industry requirements.

We know the complexity of route planning for waste management. Therefore, we have developed a tailored software for waste management companies. Our TransIT software has numerous modules for tactical and operational route planning for waste disposal.
These include...

  • automatic site selection,
  • the consideration of regular and irregular orders
  • and statistical analysis.

You can plan tour lengths and stops transparently and easily, combine transport orders into multi-day tours and place orders directly from TransIT. The telematics system linked to the software enables you to transmit daily updated plans and orders directly to the vehicles on tour.

Coordinated tours in disposal logistics for bulky waste.

TransIT automatically processes the current registrations for bulky waste collections in the daily route planning. Changing quantities or parameters such as intermediate tipping and turning bans are taken into account. With changing orders or weekday-dependent area allocation, TransIT is the perfect tool for putting together economical tours. And even your turning manoeuvres can be minimised by our route optimisation. For example, you save up to 45 minutes of driving time per tour every day!


Your Benefits.

Transparent planning for container logistics.

Specific Module of TransIT

We make complex processes simple. With the TransIT module "Container Logistics", you can optimally plan different types of orders (placing, changing, moving in, collecting). To save time and costs, factors such as collection points, the reuse of empty containers or the use of stackable containers are included in the planning. Benefit now from transparent and error-free container logistics. We can also take special restrictions into account when planning tours.

Software for waste disposal logistics: a clean business.

We also plan what cannot actually be planned. By optimising tours and rhythms, we optimise your journeys and your bottom line. Use our OptimisationCheck or arrange a consultation appointment right away.

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