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Optimise your trade fair transport and avoid traffic jams with TransITfair.

During the set-up and dismantling phases of trade fairs, several vehicles have to be loaded or unloaded in a very tight time frame. As a result, traffic jams or congestion frequently occur before the event or at the exhibition location. On the basis of intelligent planning and control, however, we have designed a solution that allows these situations to be avoided. With TransITfair, you can plan ahead and control your vehicles in real time.

Strategic planning

Sufficient set-up and dismantling times on the basis of trade fair profiles.

A trade fair profile is a forecast for the number of expected transports per type of vehicle. With the help of this profile, TransITfair determines how many days have to be set aside for the assembly and dismantling work. At the same time, TransITfair also considers the possible loading areas and overlaps with subsequent or simultaneous events. The overall view of the trade fair calendar, with the set-up and dismantling phases, avoids the bottlenecks which can later lead to traffic disruption at an early stage.


Your Benefits.

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    TransITfair provides a complete overview of all events at all times.

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    You can view all traffic bottlenecks simultaneously and avoid traffic jams and traffic chaos in the planning phase.

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    Suppliers can plan more accurately and better estimate the loading and unloading times.

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    The loading and unloading processes run more smoothly.

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    Fewer traffic jams and waiting times relieve the burden on the environment.

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    Preference is given to carriers who book early and adhere to the times. This leads to a high degree of system acceptance, and over time, allows plans to be implemented on an increasingly high quality basis.

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    The number of unexpected events decreases, which means the number of traffic disruptions also falls.

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    Intelligent dock and yard management for the coordination of activities and information control at loading ramps and exhibition locations.

Tactical planning

Avoid traffic jams with intelligent slot booking.

When booking a slot, the user (such as the exhibitor, trade fair constructor or trade fair logistics staff) enters the trade fair stand to be accessed and the desired time slot. The system proposes suitable dates (slots) on the basis of the capacity utilisation of the loading areas, gates and any other traffic bottlenecks. This prevents the exhibition and transport infrastructure from being overloaded at any time.


Traffic control through real-time schedule control

Automated plan implementation and detailed schedule control.

Automated plan implementation and detailed schedule control
During the construction and dismantling phases, discrepancies between the planning and reality inevitably occur. This means those responsible for the planning are forced to react to problems which arise during the real-time control of traffic. Our algorithms continuously adjust the plan to the current situation and give preference to logistics staff who have booked a slot early and arrive at the shared parking areas at the trade fair on schedule.

Our expertise. Your benefit.

Clear the way for a forward-looking planning team.

With TransITfair you can plan, optimise and drive more efficiently. We will be pleased to discuss an individual solution for your company with you – arrange your personal consultation now.


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