Optimisation Solutions for Airlines.

Where's the journey in aviation headed? Low margins, high risks, stiff competition, etc.; there is hardly any market so agitated as the aviation industry. Here, it is crucial to react at the right time. With TransIT you can compare millions of alternatives in the shortest possible time in order to make sound decisions. And this will in fact keep you a step ahead.

Network Optimisation

Boarding completed.

With 200,000 aircraft in the air every day, air traffic is a highly complex field of planning. With our specially developed software modules, you can plan in a targeted and transparent way for all the required parameters and restrictions, such as crew planning, airport regulations, capacities, maintenance, etc. In our models for network optimisation, you can also assign templates to flights ("Fleet Assignment") and create pairings.


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Seat Assignment (Allocated Seating)

With us, everyone sits in the 1st Row.

We have developed an algorithm for automatic seat allocation. You therefore not only increase customer satisfaction while allocating desired seats and automatically considering special seats for persons with disabilities, attendants, children etc., but you can also increase the satisfaction of the passengers and market sought-after seats in a better way by using our optimised allocated seating.

Crew Planning

Uncomplicated Tools.
Complex Crew Planning.

Optimisation of Duty Schedules

With our special software module for crew planning, you can optimise the deployment of all staff and minimise the cost of human resources. Crew planning includes, for instance, creation of shifts ("duties"), combining of shifts ("pairings") and the allocation of staff to the pairings ("rostering").

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Ready for take off!

Mit unseren Optimierungs-Tools für eine effiziente und zukunftsfähige Airline-Logistik heben Sie gezielter ab als der Wettbewerb. Vereinbaren Sie gleich einen Beratungstermin.


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